Online there are so many places you can search to find what you are looking for. The biggest difference at 411 information online is that we do not do reviews. We let business market and tell you what is good about them. Why you should do business with them. Without all the distraction of hundreds of reviews. We have found “reviews” to be distracting and well, not always based on truth, or are effected by many personal factors that you may or may not be aware of. We let a business sell you, tell you, and market themselves with out all the hoopla.

Recently all the hype online are getting good reviews. Lots of business will try different marketing campaigns to raise their own reviews. Most times to combat any negative reviews they may of gotten. Fact, people will complain. Its just part of business, you can not make every single customer happy. Tho we should, some people will leave the most ridiculous, malice, and just untrue reviews. This can and probably would tint your idea of who you might be dealing with, or possibly stop you from giving a chance to do business with. Here is a excerpt from reputation-x blog.
A 2018 study suggests that 91% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations—as long as the reviews are authentic. But about 20% of reviews are fake. So can you really trust online reviews? Here is one on the very popular BBB  Anthony Bourdain I personally loved his t.v series. Sadly his has passed away summed up our believe perfectly here

We believe and understand people are different. Just because you did not like the chilean sea bass, does not mean I might not. Or maybe you tried to get a discount, which couldnt be done. Felt in your in-foment wisdom to leave a seething review. It is hard enough to run, start, or manage a business without being a target of slander, gossip. Or worst case having a competitor do a run on your business leaving tons of negative reviews. Oh yes thats a thing as well. So I think we have made our point. Reviews can not be trusted. And review sites are equal to the Jerry Springer or Maury T.V show of the internet just filled with Gossip, and honestly is questionable reading.

411 information online will let a business promote themselves without all the distraction.

Ahhh chilean sea bass, do you know if this restaurant has been cooking Bass for 20 years ?. And the recipe was the cheifs Grandma’s? Or that the local mechanic can and will do your brakes for half of the bigger chains? A key part of business is the ability to tell you why you should do business with them. And we do just that. 411 information online gives a area to all our customers to either link to their website so you can learn more about them or depending on they package they bought learn right on our site in a designated area we leave just for the business to explain what makes them unique or read what ever they think you would want to know about them. Without any of the distractions you may find on other directory sites. For more on this

If your a business and think you want to learn more about our service, watch our promotional video. Here is our pricing structure at 411information online

As for visitors, and shoppers alike lets get away form all this noise in the market place. Last point we on a quick search found overwhelming negative reviews for Costco  personally I love them. Cheap prices on most items. And theats what my family wants, savings. If I would of never gone based on those reviews. We would be over paying, and maybe never giving the super store the chance. Shop, dine, hire worker or services. Make you own decisions, hell you might just love the chilean sea bass. Lets get back to listening to the owners, cheifs, and contractors tell us what makes them an great company that you should do business with. Who knows you might just be surprised. 411 information online business listings without all the noise.

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