411 information online keeps getting better. In 4 short years, we have made tremendous strides in our business. We are extremely proud of how we have transformed and grown in this time. City Genius is happy to share this news with you today.

When we first started out we knew we wanted to offer an online advertising platform where small business’ could advertise to the local community in a cost effective manner. Some of the bigger directories didn’t target or focus on the “local” aspect of a directory idea. We also found larger advertising companies to be extremely expensive for the small business owner.

We created https://yourlocal411.online/ to fill that niche. Admittedly we struggled in some areas at first, mostly in the customer support department. However, we knew this idea of cost effective advertising online was the area that had a real need. If only we could work out some of our internal kinks, we could offer a great service at a great price. One of the first things we noticed was that almost all of our competitors were offering listings for a business and then accepting and displaying customer reviews. We knew this was something that we did not want to partake in. We let a business create their ad and market themselves. After all, who wants to pay for a listing to get trash talk or negative things written about their business?

Your local 411 online transformed, and rebranded as 411 information online which we think is a better sounding name. After all if you want information online, visit https://411information.online/ What a great name for a great service! This was our first big step into the evolution of the company. We create business listings online for your business in and around $100 dollars a month without ever having to worry about negative reviews about your business. We can create your ad, link to your website, Facebook and other business listings. You can also explain in a small paragraph what makes your business stand apart from the competition and never have to worry about reviews. You can sell yourself, market yourself and tell people why they should do business with you in your own words, period.

Our next big idea came by accident. Here we are running 2 sites independently. Your local 411 online and 411 information online. Both great sites with great services. Still we thought, how can we be better? What can we do more of to provide a great service to our customers? And then like a epiphany it came to us; give everyone listings in both sites. Two listings for the price of just the one. https://youtu.be/eoqUO1p-JW0

This 2 for 1 deal was supposed to be a limited time marketing idea to sell more services. However, customer benefit is extremely important to us as a company so we just let it stay and just continued to provide 2 listings to every customer for the price of one. Our data entry team had to go over every listing we had for every customer to create and provide this additional service. Kudos to the team, always working hard to make sure every listing is 100% perfect.

As time and technology advanced, so did we. Our new platform creates not just a regular business listing. In addition to working with and using Google Map technology, customer ad’s now have pins on the map area so visitors to the site can quickly find services close to them. Please feel free to visit the new and improved site http://411informationonline.com/.

We are sure you will like the sleek new look as well as the ease to use and navigate the site. Not only does this new look give business’ a great new place to advertise themselves but this will help with your SEO. Please learn about the basics of marketing online here. https://411information.online/benefits-marketing-411-information-online

Now at 411 information online as we grow, we give more to you our customer. Not only will you receive a listing in the flagship new site but we kicked everything back to the data entry team again to make sure to create new listings for all our existing customers all over again. As our customer you will get 3 listings all with great online SEO benefit, all with traffic. All for the price of just one.

As we continue to evolve and grow you will continue to benefit from working with us at 411 information online 

We appreciate and thank our existing customers and look forward to having new customers come on board to benefit from our terrific services. If you want to discuss getting your business listed please give us a call at 844-411-3186 

Alternatively you can submit your siting here http://411informationonline.com/submit-listing